Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 EMS Bills Introduced In Oklahoma

This year at the capitol there are a total of ten bills dealing with Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Everything from funding to opioid antagonists. Bills deal with the emergency medical personal death benefit, education, ambulance districts, transparency, stretcher aid vans, officers and deputies, training and civil liability and two shell bills, EMS dispatch and rural EMS funding. 

The most important bill this year is the Ambulance Service Districts Act. It would give rural areas the ability to combine funding and form a regional ambulance district. With the state budget at a shortfall and more cuts coming, any help for the state looks far way. Rural Oklahoma has to have options to use what EMS dollars are available. The EMS Survival Act has state-supported funding, but will find a very hard time this year.

EMS education reform that calls for a standard in EMS advanced programs is in the EMS Survival Act so it will also find it hard this year.

Two bills dealing with the emergency medical personal death benefit. They would incense the benefit amount to ten thousand dollars and dedicate interest from the fund be put back into the fund. Emergency medical personal pay for the benefit each time they renew licenses and by buying a EMT tag.

The most interesting bill is one that would keep everything a EMS service does closed for review by the public. When reading the definition of medical control this could be an outcome. Transparency questions with follow this bill. Stretcher aid vans and how they work are also addressed in this bill.

Another bill would shield only ambulance authorities and employees from liability for any act by omission or committed while in training for, or in the rendering of life support services.

Bills that would allow, county officers and deputies to serve as an Emergency Medical Technicians and a first-responders ability to administer opioid antagonists, rounds out the list. Along with two shell bills.

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