Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Crescent forced to shut down ambulance services

When are we going to do something? The Health Department has no leadership; The Oklahoma Ambulance Association has fought reform for nine years; EMSA lobbies to kill anything that will help rural services; OKAMA and EMSA have said services that have a hard time should be shut down, and no resources should be used to help.
They hold secret meetings to change the grant program that should help at-risk services; (which by the way I think is not legal, I need to get an Attorney General opinion on the matter). We are in a race to the bottom, just take a look at the new rules. EMSA along with OKAMA worked to pass a bill that would make sure almost everything they do has no accountability. The EMS Director says that collecting data to understand the problems facing EMS is not their job. (It's in law that this is their job, but Dale disputes this, you can read it for yourself and see what you think). The long and short of the matter is the public and those who work and care about EMS have to get involved. I know I will be called everything in the book for posting the truth from those that think they run the system and have high paid lobbyist (that we pay for with our tax dollars by the way) and have contempt for anyone that questions them. So I would like you to know I can prove every word of this post. Look for more to come.

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